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Have you found what you’re looking for?   If you’re reading this, probabaly not, and that’s why we’re here….for you.   I hope you’ll come to think of us as your guide to heaven and earth and everything under the sun.  

Speaking of heaven,  have you found the only way to get there?   If not, have you, at least, thought about where you’ll spend the rest of eternity, which is a long, long, long time?  Well, I hope that you will before it’s too late!   

So, when will it be too late?  While the date and time is different for every person, there are one of two events that will be the same for every person.  The one event is the moment after you die.  If you haven’t decided where you will spend eternity, by then; guess what, you actually did!   The second event is the moment after the second coming of Jesus Christ.   If you haven’t decided, by then, then you will be left behind.  Don’t believe that he’s coming back?  Well, you should, because Jesus, himself, said it.   

So, what is the the only way to get to heaven?   Being saved by Jesus Christ is the one and only way.   The Bible says that there is no other name by which a person might be saved.   Jesus himself said that no person comes to the Father except through him.  The Bible also says that man is appointed to die once and then to stand judgment. 

So, how does one get saved by Jesus?  It’s so simple that a child can understand it.  What’s more, it’s free!  Well, free for you and me, but not for Jesus.  It cost him his life, and a very painful, torturous death.  I’ve read that death by crucifixion is the most painful form of death that that there is.  But not to worry, Jesus died for us all, but he didn’t stay dead for long.  He arose from the dead; he’s alive, now; and, he’ll never die, again.   

The Bible says that a person is saved by grace through faith, and that being saved is a gift from God.  Now, when you receive a gift on your birthday or at Christmas do you have to pay for it to receive it?  Of course, not, in fact, if you had to pay anything for it, it would no longer be considered a gift, right?  

What is grace?  Grace is receiving something you don’t deserve.   What is faith?  Faith is believing or accepting as true something that cannot be seen.  After all, if you could see with your own eyes what you believed or accepted as true, you wouldn’t need faith, right? 

So, are you saved by grace alone?  No.   Are you saved by faith alone?  No.  It takes a combination of both grace and faith to be saved.  Why grace?  Each person has sinned; therefore, each person deserves death (i.e., the wages of sin is death).  But God through his goodness and mercy (i.e., not receiving what is deserved) offers the gift of eternal life to us anyway.  This is grace: Gods-­Riches-At-Christ’s-Expense.  God wants to give us what we don’t deserve…himself.   

What is eternal life?   It’s not only about going to heaven after you die.  While being with God in heaven is a part of eternal life, it’s only a part of it:  eternal life means knowing God, right now in the present, and forever.  The moment you become saved, you know God.  This means that you have eternal life from the very first moment that you become saved.  It’s like God opens your eyes the moment just before you believe to give you the faith to believe the good news about Jesus Christ.  Once he’s opened your eyes, you know that you need to be saved from your sins, and you jump at the first opportunity to ask Jesus to save you. 

What do you have to do to receive a gift?  You can do one of two things when someone tries to give you a gift:  either accept the gift or reject the gift.  Either way the choice is yours to make.  Will you accept this special gift from God?  I hope you will, without delay.

And, remember it’s only a gift as long as you don’t try to pay for it.  This means that once you accept the gift of salvation from God, stop or don’t start doing things to earn your way into heaven, as if what Jesus did on the cross wasn’t enough…it was enough and nothing you could ever do could ever add to what he’s already done; so, don’t insult God, by trying to add to what he’s already done.

Are you ready to accept the gift?  Do you admit that you’re a sinner and have sinned against God, and therefore deserve death (i.e., separation from God), which is the wages of sin?   Do you know and believe that Jesus died on the cross for the sins of the world, including all of your sins that you’ll ever have committed?  Do you know and believe that Jesus arose from the dead three days after dying on the cross?  So what are you waiting for?

You now know that God loved the world so much that he sent his only son; so, that through his son every person who believes in his son could have everlasting life.  Isn’t this the greatest news?  The worst news for the many who choose not to believe and trust in Jesus to save them from their own sins is that they will be separated from God, forever and ever and ever. 

Are you going to ask Jesus to save you?   Or will you take a chance and wait until it’s too late?   It’s my hope and prayer that everyone who visits this site will make the decision to ask Jesus to save them. 

Find Jesus, find life, now and forever.

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  1. Kay Barr says:

    What beautiful witnessing and totally accurate information for your website visitors! If you lead your “seekers” this accurately in all areas, they will constantly be hitting your website! I can’t wait until silverexpressionssc.com is up and running……..sorry, we are still under construction. I hope your visitors will visit my site as well. My Allyson will be 23 years old on the 24th! Happy Birthday, Ally!!!!!!!!

  2. Kay Barr says:

    OOps………Ally will be 23 tomorrow…..the 21st not the 24th. Have a great weekend, everyone!

  3. Administrator says:

    Thank you for your kind remarks. I wish you nothing but the best with your site. My ultimate objective is to point “seekers” to Jesus. My business objective is to help “seekers” find the best merchants and best service providers.

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